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1-minute Purple Quinoa Breakfast Obsession


Quinoa breakfast pudding ready in 1-minute?! Yes, that’s right.

This breakfast is ready in pretty much 60 to 80 seconds.

Therefore, no more excuses! No more skipping the most important meal of the day: Breakfast! 

Besides being an absolute delish, this brekkie, is also packed with fibre, plant-based protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

And how can your day go wrong when you start with a breakfast like this?






and just soooo yummy!

I know this kind of breakfast is commonly made with oats. However, quinoa flakes work so much better in so many ways. 

Why is Quinoa the perfect breakfast option?

  • Firstly, quinoa is the ultimate breakfast ingredient because it’s a complex carbohydrate, which means that it takes your body longer to digest it, giving you more energy, keeping your blood sugar levels more stable avoiding that “mid-morning crash”.
  • Secondly, it will keep you full for the whole morning. It is true! I cannot lie. You will literally be full the whole morning. No more snacking every 5 minutes until lunch. Trust me: It’s unbelievably satiating!
  • Thirdly, it’s so extremely creamy, delicious, sweet and nourishing.
  • Fourthly, who doesn’t like a breakfast that looks amazing? Come on…Look at these bright, vibrant colours from the blueberries… Just “Wow”, right?

Oh. One more reason to absolutely love this pudd:

  • It is absolutely gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan and deliciously addictive.

Ooops…and just one more great thing about it:

  • You can adjust the ingredients and prepare a few pudds in advance by soaking them overnight. I usually make two or three portions and in the morning is just a matter of throwing everything into a pot, stir and serve.

Yes, It’s that easy! Trust me. Breakfast ready for at least 3 days. And all in 1 minute! Yay!

No need to thank me.. . 😉

This is my latest “totally unnegotiable” 1 minute morning obsession.  What is yours?

1-minute Purple Quinoa Breakfast Obsession
Serves 1
A deliciously healthy (gluten and sugar-free), colourful, and unbelievably satiating quinoa and blueberry breakfast that is ready in pretty much 1 minute. This breakfast will absolutely leave you fuller for the whole morning.
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Cook Time
1 min
Cook Time
1 min
  1. 1/3 cup quinoa flakes
  2. 1 teaspoon chia seeds
  3. 1 cup filtered water
  4. 1 tablespoon nut/seed butter
  5. 1/2 cup (ideally frozen) blueberries
  6. 1/2 scoop pea protein (or any other protein powder of your choice), optional
  7. Pinch of cinnamon
  8. Sweetener of choice (like maple syrup, vanilla extract, etc ), optional
Suggested topping
  1. Fresh blueberries
  2. Flaked almonds
  1. Add all ingredients into a small sauce pan. Bring to a boil, reduce to simmer and cook until thickened, between 50 – 90 seconds.
  2. Serve immediately with your favourite toppings or with the above suggested ones.
  1. Alternatively, you can prepare the mixture and leave it soaking overnight for an even creamier texture in the morning.
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