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Portuguese staple veganized – Mushrooms “à lagareiro” with roasted and “punched” potatoes


Mushrooms “à lagareiro“?

But what exactly means “lagareiro”?

Lagareiro is a Portuguese style of cooking fish which has many variants but typically ends in dressing the fish generously with extra virgin olive oil (lagareiro is the owner of an olive oil press) after grilling or roasting. So this is one of the most usual cooking methods of the Portuguese cuisine that urgently needed to be veganized. Agree?

“But why mushrooms?” you ask.

Yes, mushrooms. Why not?

Let me give you a bit of context for this…

One of the last times I was in Portugal I was observing my mother-in-law making octopus à lagareiro and I thought to myself: how to veganize such typical Portuguese dish?  A recipe that is an absolute staple Portuguese cuisine and that therefore needed to be veganized.

The part of the “lagareiro” (something roasted or grilled in olive oil and garlic) was quite easy to achieve and the baking and punching the potatoes as well. But the tricky part was how to substitute the octopus with something plant-based. (Whatever it was it would have to be tender, with some consistency, and would have absorb the oil in a not too soggy way!) 

After much thought and consideration, and some experiments, I came to the result which I am proudly bringing you today.

I used two types of mushrooms to recreate the different textures and the usual consistency of those who use octopus to make this dish.

And I think that, after such long absence (in which I assure you that I have been preparing such wonderful things behind the scenes – still to be revealed thou) and after so many promises of a blog finally translated to Portuguese, I thought I needed to thank you all for your patience, and had to say thank you with one that I consider to be, a very special recipe. Sounds good?

And again thank you for your patience and for having consistently responded positively to my absence through social media (particularly through my Insta Stories) – I guarantee that I am preparing will be really worth it … ? 

Then “drumrolls” please …. the wait is finally over and the recipe is here.

I am sure it will be the next Sunday family gathering success …

It is such a simple and yet so delicious and wholesome meal. Rich in vitamin D and good fats, this dish is ideal for colder days as it will warm you inside…  Don’t wait too long to try this yumminess.

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Cogumelos à lagareiro com batatinhas “a murro”
Serves 4
Uma receita típica portuguesa completamente veganizada, deliciosa e super saudável.
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
40 min
Total Time
50 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
40 min
Total Time
50 min
  1. 300 gr de cogumelos portobello (4 cogumelos grandes, um por pessoa)
  2. 500 gr de cogumelos paris, cortados em quartos
  3. 150 ml de bom azeite
  4. 2 cabeças de alho
  5. Sal e pimenta a gosto
  6. 900 g de batatas novas
  7. 2 folhas de louro
  8. salsa picada
  1. Comece por lavar bem as batatas e pique-as suavemente com um garfo. Coloque-as numa assadeira e cubra-as com sal. Asse-as a 160 ° C por 35 min.
  2. Enquanto isso, lave bem os cogumelos. Comece por remover os talos dos 4 cogumelos portobello. Pique-os bem e corte os cogumelos paris em quartos.
  3. Cubra as batatas com 150 ml de azeite e espalhe os dentes de alho esmagados e folhas de louro sobre o prato e polvilhar com pimenta moída.
  4. Volte a colocar as batatas ao forno por mais 5 minutos junto com os 4 cogumelos portobello.
  5. Enquanto isso, salteie os cogumelos picados numa uma frigideira durante 5 minutos para perderem a água.
  6. Retire a assadeira com as batatas e os cogumelos portobello do forno.
Comece a montar os pratos
  1. Comece por colocar um cogumelo portobello na parte inferior de cada prato individual, cubra com os outros cogumelos salteados e acrescente as batatas que deverao ser "esmurradas" com um garfo.
  2. Polvilhe cada prato com salsa picada e sirva quente com o azeite e o alho da assadeira.
  1. Pode tambem acrescentar pimentos assados.
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