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Grateful mornings


Confessions of a grateful girl…

Today I won’t be sharing a recipe and I will be talking about a different kind of food. The kind of food that fuels your mind and soul.

Sounds like a plan? So stay with me.

I have recently attended a session of “grateful mornings” with Ana Roldao and I can honestly say I could not have found a better way to spend a chilly Sunday.

Ana is a Portuguese certified health coach that is also a chef at Salad Pride at Neil’s Yard, London. It is visible how kind and warm hearted she is by the passion she puts in to her project. The best way to describe Ana is by saying that she is a dreamer by nature. She is kind, so warmhearted; she makes one feel warmed and rested. And, as she described it, her project aims to “create a community of women with the same goal: to be the best version of themselves. Regardless of where we are in our lives we will support ourselves and grow together. Creating a connection that makes us feel safe, believe in our dreams again and not be afraid to fly”. What a wonderful idea…

As part of her beautiful project, Ana organises regular #gratefulmorning sessions where people have the opportunity to enjoy a glorious brunch whilst sharing their experiences as foreign citizens living in London.

Cold was the wind that was blowing outside, but warm were our hearts (and full were our bellies) with Ana’s loving iniciative. 😉

The brunch was tastefully prepared with love and attention. Everything thought to the tiniest detail in such a lovely way.

After a lively chat, we headed off to a short meditation session where we were taught how easy (and fundamental) it is to just take 5 minutes of our precious time for this practice. We worked together in a sequence of breathing exercises for relaxation and this reminded me of the importance of this exercise in our daily routine – I almost fell asleep and at night slept much better. (So grateful for this Ana…!) <3 I guess there is no denying in how beneficial this practice is and it has been scientifically proven that meditation reduces stress and anxiety in general… so I am all in.

I guess we all have our own ways of doing this mental exercise. I like to meditate, think about things I know will make me feel better, be better, and more connected to what is of utmost importance to me – appreciate nature, appreciate the good relationships, appreciate everything is freely given to us in life, etc. It’s a simple exercise, of slowing down, cutting off from the outside world and reflect on how many things I have to be grateful for in life.

A wise proverb that says “happy are the ones who take time to meditate”  and I couldn’t agree more. It is fundamental to think introspectively in past and present experiences, and in ways we can show kindness, wisdom and love to one another. Meditation is indeed the perfect way to achieve mental calmness and introspection.

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to share this moment with such inspirational people and I am sure I will be part taking on the next session organised by Ana.If you are curious about her work have a look at her Instagram account and follow everything on this amazing project.


Love xx

#sograteful #healthymind #healthysoul #healthyme #mildfulness xx

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