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Pumpkin seeds and a healthy breakfast routine


Pumpkin seeds?

“My healthy breakfast routine and my obsession with Pumpkin seeds”.

Holidays in Greece were a true blessing but I must confess I always miss my “healthy breakfast routine” when I am travelling.

One thing I honestly miss the most is having pumpkin seeds available to sprinkle on my meals… from breakfast to dinner I am addicted to these little but powerful seeds.

But now, back in London and back to my gloriously fresh and healthy breakfasts. YAY! 🙂

And why do I always, (I mean ALWAYS!) add pumpkin seeds to my meals?

Let me tell a bit about these seeds. Well, animal foods promote inflammation, while plant-based options don’t. However, not all of us are keen on quinoa or beans. That’s where seeds come into play. Particularly my dear Pumpkin Seeds And I mean, raw, natural, unsalted seeds.

And pumpkin seeds are truly a gift from nature. They don’t just taste great but can also serve as a healthy protein option too. Pumpkin seeds have a good amount of protein in a small serving. They’re also a rich source of amino acids and contain a high amount of tryptophan, the amino acid responsible for boosting your mood. Interesting, right!?


  • They are one of the richest plant-based sources of iron;
  • They are alkalizing and anti-inflammatory:
  • They have more fibre than most nuts;
  • They are a fantastic source of zinc, which helps carbohydrate metabolism in the body, hormone production, improves immune health and skin, hair and nails. (This is one of the best things about these seeds! As I have suffered from hair loss, I noticed a huge improvment when I started incorporating them more in my meals);
  • They are a healthy source of fat, the kind of fat your body needs and loves, which helps controlling weight and satiety;
  • They are also one of the most powerful sources of magnesium.

So try adding these fantastic seeds to more and more dishes. They are crunchy and super tasty and it shouldn’t be difficult to incorporate them in your meals. Try adding them to smoothies, smoothie bowls,  salads, rice, etc.

For some inspiration, check the following suggestions/recipes – from breakfast smoothies, to bread and salads, pumpkin seeds are the perfect complement for many meals:

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