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Veganuary 2018: A “7 Day Vegan Meal Plan” is here to help you – Let’s make January Great Again!




Are you ready to transform your health and your life in 2018!? Then embrace the plant-based movement this January.

If you’re not a full time vegan, the Veganuary pledge is the perfect opportunity to try a whole new world of different foods and cooking methods. We’ve recently been seeing the growth of this movement and we are so happy to see that in 2018 more and more people are giving this lifestyle a chance.

Our mission at Comidamor has always been to help people seeing how easy, nourishing and satisfying plant-based meals can be. And whether you are considering starting a plant-based diet, or are already a vegan, we believe that you’ll find the “7 DAY GLUTEN FREE VEGAN MEAL PLAN” we’ve just created for you extremely useful and helpful.

The meal plan, which you can access absolutely FREE, is our away to say “Thank You” for all the support you gave us throughout this past year. 

This plan is nutrient rich and well balanced, full with healthy and delicious recipes, that in most cases, take less than 30 minutes to make. The plan is also absolutely sugar and gluten free but the recipes are not less Yummy 😉

To kick off 2018 and celebrate the month of Veganuary, we have decided to give you this little helper and if you feel like you need more “recipe inspiration”, have a look at the other many recipes available on the blog.

Just register with your details on the green box below and you’ll receive an email confirming your subscription and your downloadable file will be immediately sent to your inbox (make sure to check your spam).

No matter what your reasons are to try vegan this January – whether because you love animals and want to reduce their suffering, to help our beautiful planet, to become healthier, or to just experiment exciting, different and nourishing foods – the “7 DAY GLUTEN FREE VEGAN MEAL PLAN” is here to help you with fantastic dishes, basic nutritional tips and a starter shopping list.

For whatever your reason, Comidamor is here and will give you the help you need.

So try our “7 Day Gluten-Free Vegan Meal Plan” and discover a whole new world of wholesome and delicious food and start feeling fantastic now.



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