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Veond – The Veggie app with a range of offers and experiences you’ll never forget


Veond – the new Vegan app.

News from the Comidamor planet…

After organizing and promoting so many vegan events, we realised that we wanted to offer the vegan community more than just small local events – we wanted to provide a global solution for the challenges we all face nowadays.

“Veganism is not a limitation in any way; it’s an expansion of your love, your commitment to nonviolence, and your belief in justice for all.” — GARY L. FRANCIONE

Being vegan (or even vegetarian) means so much more than just a food choice, it’s a lifestyle that requires a varied range of alternatives.

How many of you have been going to restaurants, being rated by certain app as being “veg-friendly” to then get there and realise that there were no veggie options on the menus other than a basic “side salad”?

Many times, right?

And how often do you see yourself having to use multiple apps in order to get one simple result?

Also, how many platforms actually show 100% vegan products, experiences, gift boxes with discounted fairer prices? None, right?

The answer is simple – the current platforms are not designed for us. The currently existing platforms are not designed to target vegans and to answer to our needs just like anyone else’s.

Is well known that the number of vegetarians and vegans throughout the world has been growing exponentially over the last decades, as well as the awareness for more sustainable and compassionate ways of life, unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that the market offer has been growing at the same pace.

So now, imagine that there was a platform which would encourage more restaurants, merchants, hoteliers, etc. to provide more conscious options to this ever growing audience. Can you imagine that? How great would that be?

If you are still with me, imagine a platform, strictly designed for vegetarians, that not only would show restaurants, but that also show you loads of last minute deals on events, trips, products, gifts, etc. 

The solution is here – Veond App.

An easy to use, trustworthy, sustainably-focused platform where vegans & vegetarians can search, find, book and save on amazing worldwide deals.

In Veond you will:

  • Find a deal “for two” at your favorite veggie restaurant,
  • Get an offer on a Vegan Cheese making kit to give to someone that wants to “try vegan” and doesn’t know how to start,
  • Buy a voucher for a raw plant-based cooking workshop to give to that special loved one,
  • Get discounts on vegan candles for a romantic night,
  • Find that pair of vegan shoes that you’ve always found to be super expensive but that is now at an affordable/discounted price,
  • Get a cut, blow-dry and highlights at the best vegan salon, 
  • Get a last minute discount for that fantastic vegan retreat in the sunny south of Portugal,
  • etc…

In a nutshell:

  • For those who are already vegan we intend to give them a wider range of options where they can buy and save from,
  • For those who aren’t, Veond will give them the chance to “try vegan” at a more affordable price,
  • For brands and businesses the platform will give them access and exposure to their right target audience.

We want to have a varied range of offers and experiences.

Surprising gifts that will inspire and that will be unforgettable.

Experiences that mark people’s lives.

Are you already as excited as we are?

Veond is still being developed and we aim to launch it at the end of January 2019.Until then, and if we want to see this project grow, follow us on our social media channels for updates and to start reading about all our sponsors:

Also, make sure to register here to start getting discounts TODAY.

Just be patient… We promise it’ll be worth it.

Thank you and see you soon

Flor xx

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