Who’s Flor?

This blog is no more no less than the way I found to express the journey of ‘who I am’ into the person of ‘who I want to be’. So let me tell you a bit about that person:

This may sound a bit of a cliché, but I do love animals and I do love all living things.  And being a Portuguese that has been living for almost 9 years in a city like London – away from all the precious gifts that nature has to offer – you start valuing what you no longer have within a reachable distance and that makes you re-think all your life and priorities. So in order to change my ‘little world’ and become the best I can be, in the circumstances I live in at present, I would have to start by changing the way I eat and by the way I live my life. Some say that “we are what we eat” which I totally agree with but we are also the habits we have. And I also believe that a well-balanced plant-based diet will supply all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. And being a believer in a future where humans and animals will peacefully share this planet, I would have to start working on changing my diet straight away.

In the beginning, it was not always easy and I got frustrated many times but what helped me the most was to get the support of a fantastic health / food coach that led me to put my whole life into perspective. We started by listing all my daily routines, and all my habits and understand where I wanted to go from there. One thing that really helped me was to start seeing myself and my anxieties in a lot more tolerant and realistic way. I had to learn to accept myself as I really am and from there I should start working on where I would like to go. One thing was certain – my main objective was to be healthier (to solve my dramatic migraines and hair loss problem). And I wanted to achieve that spirit of well-being trough a plant-based diet. I was conscious that big changes were not going to be achieved overnight  – it was meant to be a continuous process and it’s all about doing simple healthier food swaps each at the time – white rice to quinoa, mayo to mashed avocados, cow’s milk to almond milk, table salt to sea salt, etc.

A few months have passed and, although I am still fighting with my health issues, I feel a lot more confident about who I and a lot more energized. I feel like I am finally doing the right thing in the right way. That’s why I am here – at Comidamor – to share my experiences (mostly in the kitchen) with you.

I have recently graduated as Nutritional Therapist by The Health Sciences Academy and so I believe to be prepared to bring you recipes and tips that are more conscious, more beneficial, and that will help us all to have an increasingly more sustainable and healthier lifestyle.

More than anything, I want Comidamor to show everyone how easy and delicious a healthy wholefoods plant-based diet can be – it is so much more than salads and lettuce. It’s all about trying new things, going out of your comfort-zone and enjoying incredibly tasty food that is different than anything you have already tried.

Consequently, Comidamor (which is a combination of the words Food and Love – ‘Food with Love’ or ‘Love for Food’) will be a demonstration of all the steps taken to achieve this healthier lifestyle through honest and truthful recipes that are not just deliciously nutritious but also easy to make.

Thank you all for being here XX


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